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Abby4200   in reply to Abby4200   on


I'm struggling for Christmas this year I have 2 daughter a 2 year old n 10 year old . I'm struggling for Christmas this year I live with both disable parents I watch my mom part time but it's not enough I'm not going to be able to give my girls the Christmas they expected not unless I can find somebody that would want to help me out this year do u now of any resources I can get help with I would realy appreciate it

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Talk to Abby4200
nebuen queen  

I NEED HELP FOR CHRISTMAS: We'll am forty one and I have two kids ages 9she a girl and a biy fifteen and this

We'll am forty one and I have two kids ages 9she a girl and a biy fifteen and this is the second year that I wasn't able to get my babies anything and it's really hurting me because these are my children's and I don't have anything for them under our tree and due ti that I was working in year 2011 and was able to get them something and know that I've injure my back with an herinated slip disk to the right it's been costing me a lot of problem and I have a punch nerve as well I've been trying ways to get money so that they can have a happy Christmas but everything seems to fell and am really in need for help
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please please help 413 219 7500: We need help badly for this Christmas!!! I'm disabled with water on the

We need help badly for this Christmas!!! I'm disabled with water on the brain ,plus Monday the 11th I had my gallbladder out, now I have complications... With Christmas so close I have a failure feeling ... Please please help us! I have 4 kids 22 12 10. Boys 19 yr old girl. Anything will help us! Someone please tell someone
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litter of 4  

Need help this Christmas I have 4 kids 8 year girl 5 year boy 3 year girl and a 1 year

Need help this Christmas I have 4 kids 8 year girl 5 year boy 3 year girl and a 1 year boy. I have been looking for a job and nothing. My boyfriend work but all the money go towards rent and bills. Will he hasn't really made much this month to pay rent or bills. But we can't get the kids nothing for Christmas this year and it breaks my heart that they won't have a Christmas this that Santa won't come. If anyone can help please we need it. We have been though some stuff this year and its hard.
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Christmas Help, Help for the holidays: Well where is there to start.... this year is almost up && there are a

Well where is there to start.... this year is almost up && there are a lot of us families look'n for help---- && I am one of them... I live in Berks county && I am disabled..I've been through sooooo much in this past year with my own health issues I thought I was gon' pass away, but I'm still here-- I have no job- I barely can make a Christmas for our family && just look'n for a little Christmas cheer, help someone who has a big heart && would like to share it with my family... I need some kind of happiness to happen for my little family... I have been looking for help since June of 2013 to get on HOLIDAY HELP LISTS but they give a certain month to apply--- I did not think of EXACTLY how many families apply-- so I was not picked...........I don't know what to do, wanted this year to be different- finish school have a great job a better life going but NOPE-- I'm not giving up-- I'm here in this life for a reason cause GOD has not taken from me yet--- PLEASE SOMEONE ANYONE... I will take anything: giftcards- used toys to give as gifts or even used clothing since everyone in my family needs jackets && warm clothes this winter....... I really need this.. really I do
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I NEED HELP FOR CHRISTMAS, i need help paying my bills and my loans please and needs help with Christmas and

And i need help with paying my bills. Please and help with Christmas and food. I have health problems and and stuff i get depress a lot please help me out please .
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I need help with Christmas I am a single mom of 4 children 2 girls and 2 boys. I am barley

I need help with Christmas I am a single mom of 4 children 2 girls and 2 boys. I am barley making it after paying my bills. I am on ssi disability and don't have any money for Christmas please help
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Tippy two  

I NEED HELP FOR CHRISTMAS: Please I need help for Christmas. I'm barley making it. I have a disable mom I take

Please I need help for Christmas. I'm barley making it. I have a disable mom I take care of and a grand baby that is 2. My husband lost his job 3 monthes ago and i need help.
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Just Me-- Marisa  

help in time of need, HELP PEOPLE: I need help DEPERATELY--- Its 12/16/12, When I started thinking about

I need help DEPERATELY--- Its 12/16/12, When I started thinking about writing this.. I need financial assistance, I have kids and I am a fulltime student who does receive public assistance with Christmas just around the corner and WE are having to be moved out by Jan 2013.. I do NOT have this kind of money at all--- I barely make it month to month and I have called 211 looking for ANY TYPE of ASSISTANCE and to no avail have I found ANYTHING-- I have posted here before for CHRISTMAS HELP ALSO--- but I really don't know what to do--- I'm very STRESSED and do nothing but be depressed and cry, I don't tell my children what is happening right now cause this is an adult worry... UGH... PLEASE SOMEONE.. ANYONE... If you can HELP in anyway: financial or information, I appreciate anything right now... PLEASE I am asking that you contact me to let me know either way if you can assist me. THIS IS FROM A PREVIOUS POSTING I HAD PUT UP---> If you need clothing sizes or a list of what they would like, I can provide them. My email is INCLUDED HERE so please we are struggling to move out of this place we are in but financially we just can't do it my daughter has found a job but has yet to start I have also started to look but don't know where I will fit it in, but the 2 older ones they both WANT to HELP, I DO UNDERSTAND that the financial situations of our economy is making employment hard to find and get, but we are trying. I only get $136 a month from cash assistance/ public assistance and I am in a KEYS program that pays me 10 hours a week so every 2 weeks I get about $140 and with food stamps it is around $550, with this assistance I am grateful but I know it is NOT enough and to be able to find a place bigger for us and trying to come up with the money to move is difficult--I really do need the help, I am currently working on my education and hoping that my new year 2013 has something waiting for me to better my life cause I'm jumping in head first at the opportunity to do it. I do appreciate any and all help that I am able to receive.
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Just Me-- Marisa  

PLEASE, PLEASE """SOMEBODY"" HELP ME........... I REALLY NEED HELP even IF I can somehow

PLEASE, PLEASE """SOMEBODY"" HELP ME........... I REALLY NEED HELP even IF I can somehow get like $300 by today I can put it down for this place so it does NOT get away for my family... PLEASE SOMEBODY-- email if you need to at, I have been on the phone all morning until now its been closed doors with everything and just need the help PLEASE-- I'm down to begging we have til the end of the week to get into this place
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Hi, my names Nita Johnston, my husband has a job he doesn't get to work steady, he's been

Hi, my names Nita Johnston, my husband has a job he doesn't get to work steady, he's been looking for something else that would be steady but with no luck so far. We have 2 sons 16 and 12 and I need help getting them Christmas this year, last year we only had 25.00 to spend on them together, they never complain but this year i would've liked for them to have a nice Christmas, and we just don't have the money for christmas. I've tried everything I know to make sure they have a good Christmas this year but the way it looks now they won't have much of one. You would have to know my boys they help around the house with cooking and cleaning(I have severe fibermalgae) and have days I can hardly get out of bed, but they never complain and are always so grateful for what they can get. Can someone please, please help me let my boys have a good Christmas this year. Thank you in advance and may God bless you
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I NEED HELP FOR CHRISTMAS, christmas: Had a great thanksgiving with mother.She was supprised to see us. The

Had a great thanksgiving with mother.She was supprised to see us. The miss thought having Dinner in the hospital with her was a great idea. I think they actually enjoyed it more than if we would have been home .Now they want to put up the tree and decorate. I just can't bring myself to do it. I cant bring myself to put a tree up knowing there is nothing to put under it this year.what do i do..I know its said the lord don't put more on you than you can handle but Lord I'm really getting tired .
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la potra  

I NEED HELP FOR CHRISTMAS: i need help for

i need help for
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any help would be great thank you

hi my name is marsha sheriff this is not for christmas help i live in a small town in n.w P.A. meadville i am on ssd and have my owne home but i am in need of home repairs my home was bilt in 1910 and we are needing a new roof it is going to fall in on me soon and the walls up stairs have been cracked and are comming in and in need of the pluming to be fixed in the up stares bathroom for the kid;s it just quit working do not know why at all yes this house is old but it is all we have and i do not want to move the kid;s in to hosing i will still half to make the hose payment hear and i only have 3 more years and it is payed for and i am paying less hear then in hosing like i said i have kid;s 3 boys and a girl and like mennie ther dad dose not help with nothing i gess out of sight out of mind kind of thing but if ther is any one out ther that know whear i can get help with out halving to put a nother morgige on the home witch i would not be abel to pay i am living on 747 a month and making it work it leaves nothing for exteras at all so every thing is what we can get cheep or we just save for it pleas you would be helping a mom and 4 great kid;s pleas e mail me at and i can give proff to whom ever that what i am saying is true i dont have the energy to try to scam any one after trying to just hold thing;s to gether hear is all i can do well thank you for reading this and may god bless you
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holiday help desperately needed

I am a single mother of 5 children 3 boys 12, 10, 18mths and two girls 6 and 4 and we are desparately seeking a holiday angel. We have been through some hard times and 1 amazing reunification of my 6 year old little girl. She had been displaced from us now for 2 in a half years after her father took her and never brought her home. they vanished without a trace pretty much and for the last 2 in a half years we had been searching for her. Then in may we received a phone call from cps of oregon telling me that they have my daughter in protective custody and her father was in jail for sexual abuse with a minor being that he had gotten a 16 yr old runaway pregnant. Well it took 6 months of major financial loss but one amazing and long awaited gain of my daughter being returned home just days before her 6th bday. well we spent all our money on the trips to oregon for the court hearings, our mental state was stomped on all the while making us feel like we were not fit to care for her although I had her full blooded sister and 3 half brothers in my care. Well 6 months later after spending every last penny the case was dropped and she came home. But that left my family in a gynormous financial hole. I ended up 3 days after she came home with out electricity and water. I was eligible for energy assistance and after a month with illegal water i finally got my water back on but that left us with nothing to get presents for the kids with. I am on afdc and all of that goes to rent. so I am asking for help from anyone that can help. thank you for taking the time to read even if you can't help. Happy holidays and God Bless You.

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toni64   in reply to SysBot   on

Aidpage group discussing "I NEED HELP FOR CHRISTMAS"...

do you know of any resourses/ assistance available for single adults in Vancouver this Christmas Hampers / Dinners ?

Call UGM and let the receptionist know so we can pass on the info  604-253-3323

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About TunaBerry2

Ok My Husband and I just burried his mom and dad within the last 7 Months. We have to move by the End of December. His mom and dad always helped us and now there gone to a better place. The House is in greif and Dispare. It hurts me to know that my kids wont have a Christmas this year with our finances so bad. We have faith in God that he will send us some one to help us we are in need of help. So bad it hurts me to have to see a dissapointed look on my kids faces if they dont have nothing for a christmas. I have a 14 and 13 year old boys that love video games but have no system for it. And a daugher who is 10 that loves Hannah Montana.

 Please I need your Help.

I know theres alot of caring people out there that can help me and my Family.

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About Davina

         My name is Davina  and i am the mother of 5. I live on the south side of chicago.  I dont know how far that is from joliet but I thought I would try anyway. God said if you ask it shall be giveth.  Well as I said I am mother of five I have recently moved into a new place of residency, god blessed me to do that.  Im still working on getting a stove, and to fix my house up.  But with money being funny and me trying to just keep a roof over our head and bills paid it is im posible to give my children a christmas.  The hard part is how do you tell children that bring home great grades and are very very active in school that mommy cant do christmas.  My daughter is 16 and has 6 A's and 1 C in algebra trig.
A son that is a freshman that has really turned his grades around since being in high school trying to follow in his sisters foot steps has 1 c 4b's and an A in algebra. I have a special ed son that has all C's but when I say he has worked very hard to to that they are like A's to me.  Then i Have a 7 year old daughter who is nuts but shes very smart and following her older brothers and sister.  And all she wants for christmas is Hanna Montana.  But mommy cant get Hanna. And a 22 to year old addition to the family that I took in tears ago
when his mom ran out on him and his brothers for drugs.  But i love him he's
 mine now. Again I've tried to do better for them but its so hard. Ive been looking for a job.  Until I can get my daycare together but that even takes money.  So until i do find a job I ave donated 40 hours a week to my childrens Elementary School.  They Have given much to my children and I also try to give back.  And I do over time. When ever i am in need  i am there. I have been L.S.C  charperson., P.A.C. Chairperson , eighth grade committee. Co -coach of basketball and much much more.  Well any way not to give you my life story . I just hope that you can pick my family to help.   Thank you very much 
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About jennym

Hi everyone.

 I am a 31 yr old single mom (recently divorced) and have 2 wonderful children.  My son is 10 and my daughter is 8.  They really are the best kids ever. They are kind, loving and compassionate kids! I am struggling right now to provide them with any kind of christmas. My ex is unemployed, I lost my job 6 months ago and have not been able to find ANY kind of work since!! I am trying so hard, I never thought in a million years my life would be like this and I do not know what to do!!  My house is being foreclosed on (December 5th), I can't pay my utilities, I am just living 1 day at a time..... I could go on and on about the events that have happened this year.  I just don't know where to turn! I am desperate for some help for my 2 beautiful children this CHRISTMAS...they deserve it and any kind of help would be greatly appreciated. PLEASE HELP!

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